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No need to worry! The following cases are normal.

1. The Remote Control Cannot Be Turned On.

Check to make sure that the power cord and remote control are connected to the main body and that the power switch is turned on.

2. Only The Temperature Is Displayed On The Remote Control And The Buttons Don't Work.

Check to make sure that the main body is purchased all the way into the frame for a firm content.

3. The Internal Projector Makes A Buzzing/rattling Sound When It Moves.

Due to the way it operates, a slight noise may occur when the projector moves.

4. There Is No Music Playing.

Check the volume with the remote control and make sure that the SD card is inserted properly.

5. The External Projector Does Not Light Up.

The light turns off when OFF is set for the temperature setting or when the set temperature has been reached.

6. The Internal Projector Moves Automatically In The Manual Mode.

The projector is programmed to move automatically at 5-minute intervals to avoid overstimulating of one area of your body.

7. The Temperature Is Too Low.

Set the temperature to the desired level Using the Up / Down buttons on the remote control.

8. '--' Is Displayed On The Temperature Control Window And Temperature Cannot Be Regulated.

Check to make sure that the connection cable functioned the external projector cable are plugged in.

If the problem persists after checking and following the instructions above, please contact the customer center.
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